Sunday, December 28, 2008

the one, the only.. meat train~!!!

ok.. so i went to kl to hav my hols... and my sis bought this cd earlier tat week.. and she said it was really gruesome and awesome.. so as a very big fan of gruesome-ness and disgusting-ness.. i was dying to watch it.. all fans of gruesome-ness should totally watch this movie~~~~!!!!! they actually show us hw they dig their eyes out of their sockets and show hw they kill people... omg.. awesome.. awesome,.. just awesome... ahh..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TAGGED~!!! ^^

1. The person that tagged you is?

Joe Anne, my sis~~ ^^

2.Your relationship with her/him is?

My sis?? read from above...

3. Your five impression of her/him?

i)vry pinky person...(likes kimberly the pink power ranger)

ii)wants to diet, bt nvr always listens to me..

iii) very very extremely bossy

iv) vry vry lazy.. orders ppl around to do the work

v)wishes that i cn hav a bladder so i cn go pee for her..(weird much??? 0.o)

4. The most memorable thing he/she has done for you?

hmmm... memorable thing? help me out with my bio work maybe?? lolx~! and waiing for more..

5. The most memorable thing he/she has said to you?

I wanna webcam grace!!!(lolx~!!)

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will?

I'll die... seriously...

7. If she/he becomes your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?

her attitude... ahahahax~!!

8. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will?

not talk to her for eternity!! and probably hire a spy to assasinate her or sumthing... hehehe=p

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?

she hit me real hard or slap me and i lose my temper at the same time^^

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?

make her lose weight ill 55kg!!!!! hahahx~!!!

11.Your overall impression of her/him is?

lolx~!! overall?? a bully... hahaxh~! bt evry1 bullies me.. lolx~!!

12.How do you think people around you will feel about you?

ermm. hahahx~!! they wud think im a fun person to bully.... seriously.. ask around..

13. The characters you love of yourself are?

lolx~!! just plain happy go lucky~~~ hhahhax~!!

14. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself are?

first.. vry gullible.. i gt that a lot.. hahahx~!

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?

my best friend chan!!! hahahahx~!!!!

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them.

love you guys hey!!! hahhahax~!!! think of me yea?? lolx~!!!

17. Tag 5 other people that you wish to know how they feel about you.

i)Joe Anne.. lolx~!

ii)Joe Den

iii)Joe Wen



18. Who is no. 2 having relationship with?

err.. lolx~!! single as far as i cn remember.. unless i hav alzheimers.. hmm...

19.Is no.4 is a male or female?


20.If number 1 and 3 are together, will it be a good thing?
errr... they're siblings!!!! heloo... no way.. dun even wanna think abt it..
21. What is no.2 studying about?
ermm.. he's stil in high school.. so.. science stream? lolx~!
22. When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
ermm.. a few minutes ago.. i think he's asleep upstairs right nw..^^
23. What kind of music does no. 1 like?
ermm.. nt reli sure.. hahax~!! she lkes alomst anything.. 0.o
24. Does no.1 have any siblings?
yup!! 3 including me!! yay~~
25. Will you woo no.3?
bluek~!!! nooo... he's my brother!! lolx~!!
26. How about number 5?
err.. he's my bro's best friend.. definitely not.. awkward....
27. Is no. 4 single?
yes.. single, but NOT available... hahahx~!!
28. What is the surname of no.5?
Dip Silas?
29.What’s the hobby of no.2?
blogging i guess?? hahahx~!!
30.Does no.1 and 3 get along well?
at times.. hahax~!!
31. Where is no.2 studying at?
SMK Sultan Badlishah
32. Talk something casually about no.1?
hmm.. she's bossy but a cool sis at times.. hahahx~!!! and oh yea... LOVES pink.. -_-"
33. Have you tried developing feelings for no.4?
lolx~!!! not that i knw of.. hahahx~!!!
34. Where does no.3 live at?
with me!!! lolx~!!
35. What colour does no.1 like?
pink.. hahahax~!!!
36. Are no.1 and 5 best friends?
err.. no.. nt reli... bt no. 5 is best friends with no.1 bro! lolx~!!
37. Is no.4 the sexiest person in the world?
err... i dun knw if it's the world.. bt.. lolx~!!! maybe.. sho knws.. rite?
38. What is no.3 doing now?
hmm.. sleeping maybe?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gracie's First Bug..^^

another post about grace.. the super dog... well... evry1 in my family knws that she is a reli big eater and we have never seen her rejecting food before... but we did not knw that she wud be this hungry... her first bug.. and it was a cidada~!! we were watching tv and she suddenly came running in with something in her mouth.. and it was making a weird sound.. when she put it dwn, wat we saw shocked us.. a cidada~!!! and joe anne and i were like.. oooohhh... grace's first bug~!! lolx~!! and we let her play with the bug... bt after that, the noise suddenly stopped... we turned to the back (where grace brought it) and we saw the cidada in pieces, and grace eating half of it~!!! ACKK~!!! SHE ATE THE CIDADA~!!!! oh well... that's grace^^ lolx~!! here is a pic and video of the scene... bt i din get the eating part of it.. oh.. she gave one of the cidada's wings.. and it sill has a part of it's meat still attached to it... ughh... thanks anyway grace? 0.o

Friday, December 19, 2008

my first vaio~~ lolx~!

hahahhax~!! finally after 17 years of waiting, i finally gt wat i wanted~~~ A NEW LAPTOP!!! and to add teh excitement, it's a VAIO~!!!! hahahx~!! here are sum pics of my new vaio~~ ^^ and im blogging wit it rite nw~~ hahahx~!!! isnt tat cool~!! hahhhax~!!! vaio rules!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

my own driving license~~~~

yes~!! finally!! after 17 years and a few months of waiting... i finally gt my driver's license!!! nw i cn drive myself around witout needing any1 to b free~~ hahahax~!! and i finally cn drive people around~~ hahax~!! boy, am i happy tat i passed... altho i had to wait wit all the panid and anxiety flowing thru me... i did meet a few ppl there... one of them was nt wat i wanted to see.. spoiled my whole morning... bt i passed~~~ i passed~~~ weeeeeeeee~!!!! hahahhax~!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

time flies, and u're nt even having fun...-_-

it's already the 11th of december and my exam jz finished 10 days ago~!!!! hw fast was tat!!! n i wasnt even having any real fun.. i mean yea, sure it's fun to hang around witout getting scolded every few minutes, nagging me to get back upstairs to bury my head in books, but... haiz.. it's just so.... boring.. i just dun knw wat to do at home.. i cnt believe im saying this... but i actually miss studying.. i jz did sum HSC extension 1 math today.. and it was kinda fun cracking ur head to solve all the bloody hard questions... i din really enjoy myself this 3 weeks.. bt im reli reli reli sure i'll regret it nxt year.. i just fund out im abt to meet up with a close friend of mine, DURING KINDERGARTEN!!!!!! it's been like what?? 11?? 12?? years??!?!?!? and she's the real smart type of person... so... ive gt to study like.. super super super hard nxt year.. gotta gt in IMU... fulifill my dream as a dentist and join my bro n sis over there of course^^ and more importantly, try to beat that girl... my mum keeps going on and on and on and on abt her... nw let's see what she says when i beat her at sumthing.. at least 2 or 3 subs... i just hope i cn pull through...!!!!! then maybe... i'll able to become like........

okay fine... it's impossible.. bt still, i might b better than when i was in secondary skul.. hopefully....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grace... Grace.. Grace...

u knw.. i realize that grace is one super super dog.... she has soooo many sleeping styles that i never seen any other dog sleep before... she's like.. making hsitory.. seriously... she's like... the sleeping position creator.. like the kamar sutra.. hahahahx~!! just a little bit different... here's a few examples...

She put herself on the pillow... Joe Anne calls her Princess Gracie... comfortable Grace? hahax~!

And... my personal fave~!!! hahahahx~!! those are stairs.. and yes... she's reli sleeping... it's amazing hwshe cn sleep there... hahahahhx~!! funny little girl...^^

GRACE~!! the swimming dog.. F3

ok... so i was alone at home right? and i think i watch too much tv and played too much computer.. and so... as everyone knws... i gt a MAJOR headache.. and i mean the serious pain in the head... so.. i decided to take sum fresh air... and of course, i din wana leave gracie all alone.. so i took her out along with me... all was fine.. i went to feed the hundreds of fishes in the pond... and grace.... the greedy little dog which has the apetite of a doberman stole a bit of the fish food... who knew tat she wud take a liking to fish food?!?! come to think of it.. she eats jz abt evrything... 0.o well.. anyways.. k.. i finish feeding the fishes.. and this is wat happened

Joe Vynne: *takes a stroll*
Grace:*sniff sniff*
Joe Vynne:*takes out handphone and smses*
Grace:*walks towards the pond*
Joe Vynne:*turns head and sees Grace over the pond*
Grace:*looks at Joe Vynne*
Joe Vynne: Grace... no.. no... dun jump...*creeps towards Grace very slowly*
Grace:*looks at Joe Vynne* *plop*
Joe Vynne: GRACE?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOO~!!!!*throws phone on the floor and jumps in after Grace*

This is the second time ive been in the pond in 2 mnths~!!! well.. i ended up blowdrying her... instead of clearing the headache, she added the pressure.... ughh... well... i cudnt reli scold her.. cudnt resist those puppy eyes.... hahax~!!

cnt resist that nw cn u?? hahahx~!!! little naughty gracie....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Home alone.....

haiz... t's sad to b left behind by ur family... i am now home alone, with grace.... it's so quiet when no one's around... never thought i would b this lonely.... there's no one to talk to... joe anne's nt here to make a fuss...joe wen... well.... he's nt around to help jo anne make a fuss,... and joe den... he's nt around to complain... haiz.. and it's only been one night... hmm.. they left at around 1 sumthing... and what have i done since then?

1. Play computer
2. Do some accounts work
3. play computer
4. take care of grace(boy was it hard)

that's all i did... and now im here... watching the Nanny Diaries and before that, i was watching V for Vendetta... cool show... hahax!! and now... lolx!! im imagining what it would be like if robbers robbed the house... and it would be exacty like Home Alone!!! hahahx!!!

hmmm.... just maybe... lolx!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Eating A Lot A Skill??

Haiz... i have to hear "Hurry up lar!!!" everytime we go out 4 dinner... i am a really, really slow eater and... i eat very very little... both my bros and my sis... oh.. dun start with my sister... she's like practically the eating queen... she cn eat twohelpings of kfc in one night... hahahx!!! well... i jz dun get it... eating gast and eating a lot.. it seems like im the only one in the family who eats really, realy slowly... there was once, we were in McD's... and they finished i think abt half an hour earlier...(lolx!!) and joe anneactually threatened to leave me alone!!!! i mean... come on!!! i cant eat any faster!!!! so i ended up eating like this:

imagine hw tat wud look in a fancy restaurant or even in mcD's!!! i looked like a total freak... hey.. she counted to 10 and expected me to finish up half a burger!!! no1 will be able to do tat!! well.. except for err.. joe den of course.. bt... lolx!!! this is me we're talking about... ugh... i reli hope i cn eat faster.. bt.. maybe nt as fast as joe den... hahax!!!


sometimes, weird things happen, and i mean, serious weird... have u ever heard of a labradoodle?!?!?!?!? here's a picture of wat it wud look like....

and can you imagine... they cross-breeded a labrador and a poodle to get a dog whose fur will not fall off... and a friendlier dog to be guide dogs... funny... funny... i womder hw they managed to... nevermind... getting it out of my mind... dun wanna think about it....

nw... picture what a goldendoodle wud look like... 0.o

nw wat about a doberdoodle?? lolx!!!

hahahahax!!! hey... ive gt a poodle... AND a doberman... maybe?? just mayb... hmmm... hahahax!!!

Have You Ever Wished Upon A Star?

lolx! it sounds kinda silly, but well... im having SPM rite.. and well, it was English. Paper 1... so hey.. essays, (nt to brag or anythin but...) im in my element.. lolx!! bt ughh.. i hate drested essays.. the weird thing was, the questions of the continuous writing were all so dumb!! example of one, "an idea of what a perfect husband and wife would be?" Oh come on!! we're only 17!! some of us still arent 17!! and we're supposed to be planning our marriage?? 0.o we're only in the romance stage... hahahx!!!

so what happened was, i looked at the last option..."Stars".... Now that was one interesting topic... to my utter surprise... i wrote a love story... lolx!!! nt me rite?? hahax!!

bt, i gotta admite... i love this story!! it's so touching and all... hahax!! but, it's really not as good as 'A Walk To Remember". Now that is one good love story... hahax!!! well.. here's the beginning of my essay.... hahax!!

“Have you ever wished upon a star?” This was what Erebus asked me that night. I gazed up upon the big black sky and saw the twinkling stars and thought, I never actually tried wishing on a star. Looking up at the sky, I started to wonder and was amazed by how much I hated Erebus just a few months ago, and right now, leaning up against him, I was deeply in love with him. Feelings change so fast, I started to wonder if these feelings will ever change back to hate?......

So there you have it... and tat's all u're gonna get... hahahx!!! not much of a sharing love story kinda person... hahahaxh!!

Stars..come to think of it, i havent actually tried wishing on a star myself.. lolx!! better start tonight... hahax!!



The brightest star I see tonight,

Grant me the wish I wish tonight....

Lolx!!! I think someone knows what I'm wishing for... hahax!!

Oh, i forgot... To Joe Anne, Joe Wen and Joe Den, do not laugh... hmph!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mean, mean Family...T_T

Well... i think i need a therapist... my family is a big big big bully~!!! waaaaaa~!!!! it all happened like this:

Me:*feeding fishes happily and innocently*

Joe Anne: *sneaks up behind me and push*


i was in the pond!!!! i was like wth!!!! i cud NOT believe Joe Anne wud do tat~!!! i was petrified~!! stunned!!! COME ON~!!! SPM student here... helloooo.... wat was worse, they did NOT do anything whatsoever to help me out... what do they do?? take pictures and videos?!?!?! what was that for?!?! BLOG MATERIAL??!? 0.O ok.. here are a few pictures and videos of what they took the other day. These pictures and videos are part of he album called, 'Most Embarassing Moments Of My Life"....

Poor me, struggling to find a way out......

I was forced to look at the camera for this lousy pic~!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christian Siriano... The Fierce One....

ok.. so i watch this show, called project runway... fashion designing.. lolx~! i knw sum of u might b thinking,,,'ohkay... lame....' bt hey... the designs come out reli reli cool... lolx~! and the people there... omg... lolx~! the type of ppl in the world never fails to surprise me.. hahahx~!! and my fave in the show?? hahahx~!! it's non other than the one, the only, CHRISTIAN SIRIANO~!!!!! omg.. i LOOOOVE his designs.. he's the youngest and best designer ever to join project runway... and he is soooo totally FIERCE~!!!lolx~!! oh.. oh and dun 4get, gay too... hahahx~!! bt tat's wat we all love abt him yea?? hahahahx~!!! you guys shud see his 12 collections.. all were drama and all about the fierceness... hahax~!! here's a few pics to get an idea on hw fierce he is... lolx~! and yea, those of u who watched ugly betty often, he's appeared once in there too.. lolx~! here's a hint,"The help of Siriano has arrived... Worship me B*****s"... hahax~!! flawless.....

Hey hey.... fierce huh??? lolx~!! Christian Siriano Rules~!!!!

Check out this video.. u'll laugh ur ass off... hahahx~!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe Jonas... Dissapointment

haiz.. joe jonas.. hearthrob of the century.. reli disappointing.. gt this news from my big sis, joe anne.. hahax~! okay.. so he goes out with taylor swift right?? fine.. going out,, yada yada yada... n when he wants to break up... ughh.. he dumps her over the phone!!!! calls himself a man?!?!?! oni a jerk wud do that sorta thing.. no wonder he could act so well in the first part of camp rock... -_-" imagine wat taylor swift wud feel like?? haiz....

Perfect couple? I THINK NOT~!!!!!

finally back

ughh... long time i din touch this blog.... wonder y.. considering the workload and incidents im going thru...

k.. anyways, trials wasnt tat bad.. 10A's, 1B? hmm.. nt bad 4 a person who failed add maths and usually gets only like wat? 5, 6A's?? ahh.. looks like my work has finally paid off.. well.. a little.. bt after trials.. my mood of studying seems to flutter away... wonder why.. might be because i study till im sick of it... bluek bluek bluek...

k.. nxt thing, joe anne came bak, went away and is coming bak again in like... two weeks? and she wants to come home just to see.... the newly bought puppy we named Grace... hmmm nt bad name a presume.. better then Dolly.. oh.. she's one lucky puppy.. here is one pic... joe den deleted most of it...zzzzzzz

i guess this is as short as it's gonna get 4 my first blog in... 3 mnths??0.o ok.. i'll stop blogging till nxt yr.. spm n all ya knw.. ughh.. sumbody.. kill me...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


yeaaa~!!!! biggie sis coming home this fri!!!! altho i hav to skip tuitionjz to see her at the airport.. bt.. YAY~!!!!!! ta jie's finally coming home!!!!!! (again)

She's coming home by plane.. so we hav to go to the airport... and i'll b holding up her pic tat says.. 'Looking for this!!!'... hahahahx~!!! ta jie.. watch out 4 ur pic!!! hahahahax~!! n plz dun kill me if ur pic turns out wat u dun expect it to be yea?? hahahahx~!!

waiting for ta jie's return....3 days

oi.. finally....

ahhhh... finally.. at last... i cn taste the freedom!!! wonderful, wonderful freedom... lolx~! trials are finally over and i realize 1 thing:

And to think tat spm is oni like wat?? A MONTH AWAY?!?!?!
say what?? 0.o
ugh... spm totally sucks..
dis is the first time i actually studied 4 an exam.. and i stil suck at it... -_-" is it jz me?? or is the trials like crap??? hmm... considering this and tat and this and that.... yadayadayadayada..... it's jz me... lolx~!! i'll jz hav to see hw i did in this exam.... haiz.... in the meantime... PARTY~!!!!! lolx~!!!
P.S: haiz... veether went d..... sad sad thing... bt on the bright side.... he's coming bak wit a russian lady... haahhax~!! wish u well vee ther...!!!! bring bak sum gorgeous russian lady alrite?? make sure she's shorter than u yea? hahaxh`!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Potter Puppet Pals!!! hahahax~!! hillarious...

hahahx~!! it;s officially an obsession... Potter Puppet Pals is HILLARIOUS!!!!! especially ron!! omg!!! hahahax~!! check it out ya all!!!

hahahahx~!! omg.. i love ron.. he's HILLARIOUS!!!!! hahhahahahax~!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

what you get when u sleep...

well.. let's see.. where do i start?? hmm.. ok...

i was studying in the study room with joe wen and joe den.. lalala... study study study... then.. sumthing really interesting caught my attention.. joe den sleeping.. hehehe=p...

i crept slowly and carefully in front of him and *snap* caught his picture!! lolx~!! the funny thing is... he left a little present 4 the book he was sleeping on.. let me show u sum pics... see if u cn figure out wat it is.. hahax~!!

This is joe den sleeping

Try to guess what's on the paper.. i circled it wit red to make it clearer (hint:It cn digest starch molecules^^)

lolx~!! nw tat's a laugh.. he slept around 3 sumthing and woke up at 5 sumthing.. it really makes me wonder hw he cn be in tat position 4 tat long.. if it was me... woah.. wud get a major cramp when i get up... 0.o

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally....+ Disaster

ugh.. finally my blog layout is changed... phew.... bt... today is as saddening as ever....
my trials... T_T my biology!!!! T_T haiz... i cudnt remember anything!!! stupid, stupid, stupid... let me see.. wat did i forget??

1. Vitamin K and Calcium are needed for blood clotting!!!! acckkk!!!!
2. Insulin is needed to convert... oh god.. i still forgot... insulin, glucagon??? wat??? 0.o
3. Name one denitrifying bacteria!!!!! nitrosomanas??
4. Worst one was, what is the difference between zygote, embryo and foetus!!!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!

uggghhh!!!! hw am i supposed to get an A nw?!?!?!?! stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!
Not forgetting my allergies to garlic... Y DIDI I HAVE TO TAKE TAT STUPID PIECE OF GARLIC BREAD YESTERDAY?!?!?!?! i had a real terrible headache after that... oh god... i slept early and din read much... T_T

Long story short, I can sell my soul to the devil, do his bidding and rot in hell.... -_-"
Im soooo flunking my trials... T_T T_T

Friday, September 12, 2008


i cnt seem to change my layout!!!!! wwaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!! somebody help me!!!!! nw my layout looks all nooby... T_T and joe den is nt even here to help me!!!! waaaaa!~!!!!! whr is tat guy when u actually need him?? -_-"

i need a better layout!!!!!! *dies*

Really unexpected...

Well, what do ya knw?? disaster struck... haiz... such luck...

it all started with me chatting on the net when i looked at the time.. 11.23 and parents are not even home yet!!! i started to worry a little... they came back 15 minutes later and my dad stormed in and said, "Children! Come here and this will teach u something. Go look at your mother's car." So i rushed out. My first thought was, "what the heck?? an accident or sumthing??" Boy, was i horribly wrong about tat one...

A robbery of sum kind!!! stupid community of the world... see, my mum was over at my dad's clinic finsihing up some operation they usually do on thursday nite. My mom left her handbag in the front seat of the car... by the time they were done, the window was already smashed up and her handbag was gone!! There goes everything... the whole handbag, money, IC, driver's license?? tat's a whole lotta things to lose!! curse them who did this crime.. and hey.. we have to pay 4 the window too ya knw...-_-".. u cud at least leave a wee bit of money in the seat....

here's a few pics to get the whole pic.. and hey.. here's more info on this thingy... my lil bro's bloggy.. check it out!! nw tat's a pro blogger.. -_-"...

P.S: Check the bat.. ahaks~!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frightening To Small Children!??!?! You have GOT to be kidding me...

okay.. this is sumthing reli, reli weird.. i was browsing through friendster one day and i saw this test and it looked interesting... ao i was thinking.. sure, wat the heck?? and so i took the test tat said, "what's wrong with you"...

it took about like what?? 15 minutes to do it?? and what was my result?!?!?!?!?! ugh.. u knw wat? let me jz show u yea??

What's Wrong With You?
My Result: Frightening to Small Children
What's Wrong With You?
Take This Quiz!
You have problems. Major problems. You won't know till they are till you take this quiz.
fun free quizzes
meet cool peeps

yeaaa.... do i really frighten small children?? more like.. im frightened of them!!!!!

blog... blog.... blog... blog... blog... blog...

Ahhh…. First time blogging… it seems like everyone is starting they’re own blog.. Joe Den, Joe Anne, Chan?? lolx~! is it just me or am i a little outdated here??
Im guessing im outdated… seems to happen when u get older… Missing out on movies.. games… haiz… all coz of??? stoooopid exams.. jz started my trials last sunday, 7th september… and so far?? all the subjects are reli, reli reli reli reli tough.. till nw… my guesses are im flunking on my trials… haiz… let me try to do a summary on the subs tat ive sitten 4 so far..

Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu???): Fail
English: Fail(did a stupid mistake!!!!!)
Pendidikan Moral(worst sub in the world): Fail
Sejarah(2nd most stupid subject on the world): Fail
Chemistry: Fail

well, at least ive gt like what?? a two day break?? then it’s off to the exam hall again… T_T And my positon in the hall is like.. the worst feng shui ever!! far left, far back… T_T nxt week ive gt like what? bio, akauns, add maths, maths… ahhh.. the agony~!!

SAVE ME~!!!!