Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have You Ever Wished Upon A Star?

lolx! it sounds kinda silly, but well... im having SPM rite.. and well, it was English. Paper 1... so hey.. essays, (nt to brag or anythin but...) im in my element.. lolx!! bt ughh.. i hate drested essays.. the weird thing was, the questions of the continuous writing were all so dumb!! example of one, "an idea of what a perfect husband and wife would be?" Oh come on!! we're only 17!! some of us still arent 17!! and we're supposed to be planning our marriage?? 0.o we're only in the romance stage... hahahx!!!

so what happened was, i looked at the last option..."Stars".... Now that was one interesting topic... to my utter surprise... i wrote a love story... lolx!!! nt me rite?? hahax!!

bt, i gotta admite... i love this story!! it's so touching and all... hahax!! but, it's really not as good as 'A Walk To Remember". Now that is one good love story... hahax!!! well.. here's the beginning of my essay.... hahax!!

“Have you ever wished upon a star?” This was what Erebus asked me that night. I gazed up upon the big black sky and saw the twinkling stars and thought, I never actually tried wishing on a star. Looking up at the sky, I started to wonder and was amazed by how much I hated Erebus just a few months ago, and right now, leaning up against him, I was deeply in love with him. Feelings change so fast, I started to wonder if these feelings will ever change back to hate?......

So there you have it... and tat's all u're gonna get... hahahx!!! not much of a sharing love story kinda person... hahahaxh!!

Stars..come to think of it, i havent actually tried wishing on a star myself.. lolx!! better start tonight... hahax!!



The brightest star I see tonight,

Grant me the wish I wish tonight....

Lolx!!! I think someone knows what I'm wishing for... hahax!!

Oh, i forgot... To Joe Anne, Joe Wen and Joe Den, do not laugh... hmph!!!