Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally....+ Disaster

ugh.. finally my blog layout is changed... phew.... bt... today is as saddening as ever....
my trials... T_T my biology!!!! T_T haiz... i cudnt remember anything!!! stupid, stupid, stupid... let me see.. wat did i forget??

1. Vitamin K and Calcium are needed for blood clotting!!!! acckkk!!!!
2. Insulin is needed to convert... oh god.. i still forgot... insulin, glucagon??? wat??? 0.o
3. Name one denitrifying bacteria!!!!! nitrosomanas??
4. Worst one was, what is the difference between zygote, embryo and foetus!!!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!

uggghhh!!!! hw am i supposed to get an A nw?!?!?!?! stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!
Not forgetting my allergies to garlic... Y DIDI I HAVE TO TAKE TAT STUPID PIECE OF GARLIC BREAD YESTERDAY?!?!?!?! i had a real terrible headache after that... oh god... i slept early and din read much... T_T

Long story short, I can sell my soul to the devil, do his bidding and rot in hell.... -_-"
Im soooo flunking my trials... T_T T_T