Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christian Siriano... The Fierce One....

ok.. so i watch this show, called project runway... fashion designing.. lolx~! i knw sum of u might b thinking,,,'ohkay... lame....' bt hey... the designs come out reli reli cool... lolx~! and the people there... omg... lolx~! the type of ppl in the world never fails to surprise me.. hahahx~!! and my fave in the show?? hahahx~!! it's non other than the one, the only, CHRISTIAN SIRIANO~!!!!! omg.. i LOOOOVE his designs.. he's the youngest and best designer ever to join project runway... and he is soooo totally FIERCE~!!!lolx~!! oh.. oh and dun 4get, gay too... hahahx~!! bt tat's wat we all love abt him yea?? hahahahx~!!! you guys shud see his 12 collections.. all were drama and all about the fierceness... hahax~!! here's a few pics to get an idea on hw fierce he is... lolx~! and yea, those of u who watched ugly betty often, he's appeared once in there too.. lolx~! here's a hint,"The help of Siriano has arrived... Worship me B*****s"... hahax~!! flawless.....

Hey hey.... fierce huh??? lolx~!! Christian Siriano Rules~!!!!

Check out this video.. u'll laugh ur ass off... hahahx~!!


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