Saturday, October 10, 2009


its always been hectic and crazy at INTI college penang this year... bt as it turns out, the last day of college turns out to be the best day in HSC... lolx~!!! bt i think its coz we din study at all.. lolx~!!! alot of pics taken with loads of fun... i dn think any studying was involved coz.. who the hell cares right?? hahahx~!!
it was a day full of fun... bt it was also kinda sad to leave.. in a weird kinda way.. lolx~! let's jz hope our paths cross again... for some, i knw we wudnt see each other... bt there will be weddings and there better be invitations.. lolx~!!! nw get ready for the long list of pics~~~~~~~~ hahahx~!!!

This was the 1st pic taken i think lolx~!! the group of 4 that i have spent most of my time with in college..^^

Kevin and jia~~~

Mervyn and jia~~

I have come to like this pic.. hahahx~! mervyn and kevin~~~

from left: jia, xiang yih, kevin and leonardo?? hahax~!

zheng lik, kevin and wei keen.. lolx~!! admiring kevin's tummy.. 0.o

wayne and merv.. lolx~!! wayne always looks blur.. even in pics...0.o

see what i mean?? lolx~!!!

me and wayne~~~ ^^

grace and jia~~ grace.. another member of the group.. during lunch.. hahahx~!

mervyn and grace~~~

grace and i~~ lolx~!!!

jia and sue lyn~~ lolx~! althought sue wasnt in hsc... she's still a new fren~~ ^^

sue and i~~~ lolx~!

from left: me, chao yang and jia~~ lolx~!!!

kevin and zheng lik... always the life of eng class.. lolx~!!!

haahahx~!!! i like this pic.. although.. i have no idea why zheng lik is crying.. lolx~!!

hahax~!! pic with my ex-kindergarten mate, shu hui~~ lolx~!!! me like this pic~~

from left: mervyn, kevin, jia chuan, jia yi and... me~~ ^^

lolx~! lazy wanna name.. bt this pic is awesome... hahax~!

during maths extension 1, we all wrote our chinese name on the wall.. awesome~~~ try finding my name~ lolx~!!!!

pic with ext1 teacher~~ miss yeap gim ley~~ lolx~!!!!

the 4 of us with teacher~~ lolx~!!!

between kevin and i, JUN YIK~~ lolx~!!!! ex-school mate... badlishans~~ lolx~!

jia and kevin in sushi king~~~ ( bagai pinang dibelah dua...^^)

last pic with miss leela~~~~

last eng class with miss suba~~~

last maths extension 1class with miss yeap~~

last bio class with miss shirley~~~~ weeeee~~~~~~~ lolx~!! all the stupid poses we do~~

finally... the last pic taken of the day~~~ after bio class.. the last few minutes of hsc..

well... that was it for the day... bt oh well... all's well that end's well right? lolx~!! let's jz hope we all do well in our finals... in the meantime.. PEACE OUT~~~~~