Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY Dinner~~!! yay~!!!

it's dinner time during cny.. meaning, we have to stuf ourselves with food... making us fat... bt we had fun thruout the dinner.. pretty cool actually.. hahahx~!!! after the dinner we did sum pretty bizarre stuf... hahahx~!!! i bet it freaked the hell outta our cousins who are the reli unwild type of ppl.. hahahx~!!! here's a glimpse of what happened tat nite...

The first picture taken... lolx~!! joe den and i.. looks like joe den's getting ready to chow down...

alvin(cousin) and joe den... and joe den has taken off chowing down..~!!

Joe wen and joe anne.. lolx!!! 'X' for.. err.. X??

Lolx~!!! I have no idea wat it is with my family and chopsticks~!!!

Wine... uggghhh~!!! trust me, i din drink it... it even SMELT like rotten grapes... *vomits*

Joe Wen with... an orange in his mouth????? 0.o

lolx~!! joe anne trying to put the orange in, bt failing.. badly...

WALRUS~!!! lolx~!!

my twin cousins, vivian and michelle~~~

Joe Den acting natural...(his gay side) hahahx~!!

Joe Den = son
Joe Anne = mom
sign says, 'Caution! Children are advised agaist sitting/standing on the sea wall without adult supervision'

And look what happens.... hahahhx~!!!

This is my fave photo of all the pictures during cny... haahahx~!! notice the vast difference between the two families?
Them = Decent, polite, sophisticated
Us = Crazy, Wild, Barbaric

lolx~!!! all 8 of us... prety nice picture..^^ me like the cannon~~~ yay~!!!

yay~!!! cannons~!!! Joe Anne and i...~!!

My second fave picture...^^ nt barbaric, bt nice.. dun ya think? hahax~!

err... hhahahx~!! this is a picture of two guys pissing, and joe den. what?!?!? stop it~!!! joe wen~!! cover up~!!!!

errr... hahahahx~!! i told u we were barbaric, wild and crazy.... hahahahx~!!

That's abt it 4 that night.. hahahx~!!! it was crazy, bt had LOADS of food... i think it was the food that triggered the wild side of us.. hahahx~!! i mean.. raw abalone?????? yup.. definitely the food... hehehe=p... this year, cny is probably the best of the 16 years ive been celebrating... i even went to my best friends grandma's hse... lolx~!!!! and i found out loads of things which happens to be a coincidence, or just fate?? lolx~!! oh well.. cny is coming to an end... till nxt time... angpau's.... we'll see each other again nxt year.. ja ne~!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My ah pek bro... lolx~!!

well, as my family knws, my elder brother, Joe Wen has a reli reli weird fashion sense.. he wears the same shirt like..almost evrywhr~!!! and i mean everywhr.. 0.o so anyways, we went out to pacific and then to jusco on saturday, (yesterday). and he was wearing this weird australian shirt with kangaroos on it.. and so, we were walking, and walking and walking.. finding joe den's new year t-shirt when sumthing caught our eye... take a look at this.. hahahhx~!!!

Now isnt tat ironic... hahahx~!!! kangaroo, kangaroo, kangaroo and more kangaroos~!!! yay~!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

ahhh.. chinese new year at last...

it's the first college holiday im going thru nw.. no.. wait... nt yt.. ive stil gt moral studies 2mrw~!!ugh~!!!!! y on a saturday?!?!!?! oh well, at least i gt to go back 2mrw... hmm.. the first three weeks of college.. hahax~!! well, from a lot of advice from my sis and my bro's fren, peiying... i did get to knw a few ppl... and right nw, i usually hang out with 2 other ppl.. hahax~!!! they are...

1. Leong Jia Yi


2. Bernard Goh..(best not mention his chinese name.. lolx~!!)

met these two rascals during the first week.. and we sorta, kinda gt along.. and we finally ended up having almost all the same classes and having lunch together.. weee~!! hahahx~!!! here are some pics... im nt in them coz... im the one taking the pic~ hahax~!!and im NOT photogenic... lolx~!!! so, here they are...~!!

Bernard and his choco milshake... it was SOOOOO thick that it was... *GULP* hard to swallow and it ended up looking like blended shit...!!! 0.o hahahax~!! he din finish it... lolx~!!

During English lecture.. BREAK TIME~!! there.. nw all of us has seen bernard's smile... hahahax~!!!

Erm... this was when bernard was away getting his sh... i mean chocolate milkshake.. and i 'stole' his camera and took a pic of jia yi~!! hi jia~!!! hahahx~!! happy eating~~

lunch time~~~ jiayi is at the far end.. hi jia yi~! n bernard.. left corner.. hi bernard~!! *waves* see hw thick the milkshake is?? it just wudnt go dwn the straw~!!!! hahahx~!!!

well... tat's about it... hahahx~!! usually in college, the most hillarious time wud b during lunch time.. see hw evry1's laughing? ahahx~!! bt after that we'll be all emo.. class start d... bt then, there are certain circumstances where we still laugh in class... hahahx~!! I quote, "PLATELETS~!!!" [Quote: Bernard].. dun wanna get sued under plagiarism... then we all go home, except on mondays and tuesdays when both of them have malaysian studies... hahax~! oh well... college is not that bad after all eh... hahax~!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

new puppies~!!! weeeee~!!!

7 new puppies just joined the family on saturday, 17th January 2009. A very memorable day 4 me as well..^^ spent a whole day with my only best friend~!!! hahahx~! best day of my life..^^ hahahx~!! bt there will be more days like this in the future..^^ weee~!! k.. anyways, there were supposed to be 8 puppies, bt one died.. vry unfortunately.. so nw we have 7 puppies... the reli surprising thig ws tat.. till midnight, 7 puppies were born with one dead, tat left 6. so evry1 thought tehre werent going to be anymore... in the morning, they did a head count.. 6 puppies.. bt when i came home tat afternoon, i did a head count and tehre were 7!!! miracle?? lolx~!!! maybe... ive already decided to name one of them oddball... coz he's reli hilarious.. he drinks milk upside dwn.. here are a few pics^^

now.. tat's... hmm... 15 dogs in my hse nw~!!! weeee~!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

first day in college... haiz...

today is my first day in college.. as you all knw, i am starting my college years in INTI International College Penang... well, i din do any studies today.. it's more of an intro to a new life.. fist up was maths extension 1... hmm.. tat went quite well.. i mean, wat cn u learn in math class? hahax~! well, we started on decimals and percentages and stuff like that.. basic stuff... after that was eng.. hmm.. i was expecting a really hard english class, and i was right.. it's way harder than normal spm english.. and plus, it english as a second language(ESL) lolx~!! i wonder hw low we are right nw.. surprisingly, i met up with a familiar face during english... my sister's batch, and nt friendly at all... since the main topic of our english exams hav changed this year from 'journey' to 'belonging'... the teacher asked us to giv a talk on our ideas of what we think of 'belonging'... hmm... i din do tat well on tat 1... hahahax~!!! bt tat girl form my sister's batch, she was a professional public speaker and all.. and trust me, she's one cocky person... dun like her... anyways, the teacher did praise her.. and me? well... ive never actually said anything in front of a crowd before.. i ended up talking abt albert einstein and hw he din belong to any of the kids in school seeing he had autism and stuff.. tat was kinda stupid... lolx~!! k.. then break time.. hmm.. i wandered around alone for a few minutes when i saw joe wen in his outward bound t-shirt(it seems like he has tat shirt forever... 0.o) and so i went over to him... met sum of his friends there.. hahahx~!! joe den~!! i saw peiying!!! hahahahx~!! and i oso met with ccy.. hahahx~!! she's one loud person... she's funny too.. hahahx~!! i dun think there's any1 like tat in my batch, otherwise it wudve been much much easier to make friends... hahahx~!! im definitely nt like tat... hmm.. then met with sum of his guy friends... after tat, was biology.. saw tat cocky girl again who im nw gonna address as sk... joe anne asked me to beat her in biology.. hahahax~!!! i'll definitely try my best...

overall, the lecturers are ok, the lecture rooms are quite alrite.. bt the people, well... cnt say the same... y is it tat i always dun find any friends my age?? hmmm.... go figure...

first day at college... went thru it witout a scratch and witout a fren...^^

Saturday, January 3, 2009

weird stuff happens when u least expect it and when u keep ur eyes wide open...

i went to queensbay the other day to do sum grocery shopping 4 my new life in penang... so when i was done, i spotted sumthing reli weird on the cashier... so i decided to take a pic of it.. lolx~!!! here it is...:

Notice anything about this cashier?? notice the tag she's wearing? and notice what she's doing? weird hw ppl dun take their own advice.. go figure...

Friday, January 2, 2009

New College, New Life

haiz... starting another brand new chapter in my life..

Chapter 3-The Road To Independence...

im going off to college on the 5th of january 2009... scary~~~ well.. i knw oni 1 person during the orientation.. and it's nt like i knw her vry well... i hate going to new places, meeting new people, creating a new image... well.. this year, im going to be someone im not... my mum practically bought me a whole new wardrobe.. so i guess this year i'll hav to wear all those fitting clothes.. haiz... and living all by myself in tat condo which used to belong to my elder bro and sis... guess it's my turn nw... INTI International College Penang... here i come...