Friday, November 28, 2008

Home alone.....

haiz... t's sad to b left behind by ur family... i am now home alone, with grace.... it's so quiet when no one's around... never thought i would b this lonely.... there's no one to talk to... joe anne's nt here to make a fuss...joe wen... well.... he's nt around to help jo anne make a fuss,... and joe den... he's nt around to complain... haiz.. and it's only been one night... hmm.. they left at around 1 sumthing... and what have i done since then?

1. Play computer
2. Do some accounts work
3. play computer
4. take care of grace(boy was it hard)

that's all i did... and now im here... watching the Nanny Diaries and before that, i was watching V for Vendetta... cool show... hahax!! and now... lolx!! im imagining what it would be like if robbers robbed the house... and it would be exacty like Home Alone!!! hahahx!!!

hmmm.... just maybe... lolx!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Eating A Lot A Skill??

Haiz... i have to hear "Hurry up lar!!!" everytime we go out 4 dinner... i am a really, really slow eater and... i eat very very little... both my bros and my sis... oh.. dun start with my sister... she's like practically the eating queen... she cn eat twohelpings of kfc in one night... hahahx!!! well... i jz dun get it... eating gast and eating a lot.. it seems like im the only one in the family who eats really, realy slowly... there was once, we were in McD's... and they finished i think abt half an hour earlier...(lolx!!) and joe anneactually threatened to leave me alone!!!! i mean... come on!!! i cant eat any faster!!!! so i ended up eating like this:

imagine hw tat wud look in a fancy restaurant or even in mcD's!!! i looked like a total freak... hey.. she counted to 10 and expected me to finish up half a burger!!! no1 will be able to do tat!! well.. except for err.. joe den of course.. bt... lolx!!! this is me we're talking about... ugh... i reli hope i cn eat faster.. bt.. maybe nt as fast as joe den... hahax!!!


sometimes, weird things happen, and i mean, serious weird... have u ever heard of a labradoodle?!?!?!?!? here's a picture of wat it wud look like....

and can you imagine... they cross-breeded a labrador and a poodle to get a dog whose fur will not fall off... and a friendlier dog to be guide dogs... funny... funny... i womder hw they managed to... nevermind... getting it out of my mind... dun wanna think about it....

nw... picture what a goldendoodle wud look like... 0.o

nw wat about a doberdoodle?? lolx!!!

hahahahax!!! hey... ive gt a poodle... AND a doberman... maybe?? just mayb... hmmm... hahahax!!!

Have You Ever Wished Upon A Star?

lolx! it sounds kinda silly, but well... im having SPM rite.. and well, it was English. Paper 1... so hey.. essays, (nt to brag or anythin but...) im in my element.. lolx!! bt ughh.. i hate drested essays.. the weird thing was, the questions of the continuous writing were all so dumb!! example of one, "an idea of what a perfect husband and wife would be?" Oh come on!! we're only 17!! some of us still arent 17!! and we're supposed to be planning our marriage?? 0.o we're only in the romance stage... hahahx!!!

so what happened was, i looked at the last option..."Stars".... Now that was one interesting topic... to my utter surprise... i wrote a love story... lolx!!! nt me rite?? hahax!!

bt, i gotta admite... i love this story!! it's so touching and all... hahax!! but, it's really not as good as 'A Walk To Remember". Now that is one good love story... hahax!!! well.. here's the beginning of my essay.... hahax!!

“Have you ever wished upon a star?” This was what Erebus asked me that night. I gazed up upon the big black sky and saw the twinkling stars and thought, I never actually tried wishing on a star. Looking up at the sky, I started to wonder and was amazed by how much I hated Erebus just a few months ago, and right now, leaning up against him, I was deeply in love with him. Feelings change so fast, I started to wonder if these feelings will ever change back to hate?......

So there you have it... and tat's all u're gonna get... hahahx!!! not much of a sharing love story kinda person... hahahaxh!!

Stars..come to think of it, i havent actually tried wishing on a star myself.. lolx!! better start tonight... hahax!!



The brightest star I see tonight,

Grant me the wish I wish tonight....

Lolx!!! I think someone knows what I'm wishing for... hahax!!

Oh, i forgot... To Joe Anne, Joe Wen and Joe Den, do not laugh... hmph!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mean, mean Family...T_T

Well... i think i need a therapist... my family is a big big big bully~!!! waaaaaa~!!!! it all happened like this:

Me:*feeding fishes happily and innocently*

Joe Anne: *sneaks up behind me and push*


i was in the pond!!!! i was like wth!!!! i cud NOT believe Joe Anne wud do tat~!!! i was petrified~!! stunned!!! COME ON~!!! SPM student here... helloooo.... wat was worse, they did NOT do anything whatsoever to help me out... what do they do?? take pictures and videos?!?!?! what was that for?!?! BLOG MATERIAL??!? 0.O ok.. here are a few pictures and videos of what they took the other day. These pictures and videos are part of he album called, 'Most Embarassing Moments Of My Life"....

Poor me, struggling to find a way out......

I was forced to look at the camera for this lousy pic~!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christian Siriano... The Fierce One....

ok.. so i watch this show, called project runway... fashion designing.. lolx~! i knw sum of u might b thinking,,,'ohkay... lame....' bt hey... the designs come out reli reli cool... lolx~! and the people there... omg... lolx~! the type of ppl in the world never fails to surprise me.. hahahx~!! and my fave in the show?? hahahx~!! it's non other than the one, the only, CHRISTIAN SIRIANO~!!!!! omg.. i LOOOOVE his designs.. he's the youngest and best designer ever to join project runway... and he is soooo totally FIERCE~!!!lolx~!! oh.. oh and dun 4get, gay too... hahahx~!! bt tat's wat we all love abt him yea?? hahahahx~!!! you guys shud see his 12 collections.. all were drama and all about the fierceness... hahax~!! here's a few pics to get an idea on hw fierce he is... lolx~! and yea, those of u who watched ugly betty often, he's appeared once in there too.. lolx~! here's a hint,"The help of Siriano has arrived... Worship me B*****s"... hahax~!! flawless.....

Hey hey.... fierce huh??? lolx~!! Christian Siriano Rules~!!!!

Check out this video.. u'll laugh ur ass off... hahahx~!!