Wednesday, December 3, 2008

GRACE~!! the swimming dog.. F3

ok... so i was alone at home right? and i think i watch too much tv and played too much computer.. and so... as everyone knws... i gt a MAJOR headache.. and i mean the serious pain in the head... so.. i decided to take sum fresh air... and of course, i din wana leave gracie all alone.. so i took her out along with me... all was fine.. i went to feed the hundreds of fishes in the pond... and grace.... the greedy little dog which has the apetite of a doberman stole a bit of the fish food... who knew tat she wud take a liking to fish food?!?! come to think of it.. she eats jz abt evrything... 0.o well.. anyways.. k.. i finish feeding the fishes.. and this is wat happened

Joe Vynne: *takes a stroll*
Grace:*sniff sniff*
Joe Vynne:*takes out handphone and smses*
Grace:*walks towards the pond*
Joe Vynne:*turns head and sees Grace over the pond*
Grace:*looks at Joe Vynne*
Joe Vynne: Grace... no.. no... dun jump...*creeps towards Grace very slowly*
Grace:*looks at Joe Vynne* *plop*
Joe Vynne: GRACE?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOO~!!!!*throws phone on the floor and jumps in after Grace*

This is the second time ive been in the pond in 2 mnths~!!! well.. i ended up blowdrying her... instead of clearing the headache, she added the pressure.... ughh... well... i cudnt reli scold her.. cudnt resist those puppy eyes.... hahax~!!

cnt resist that nw cn u?? hahahx~!!! little naughty gracie....