Tuesday, March 9, 2010


okay.. ive finally found sumthing to blog about.. lolx~! according to the previous blog, ive been super bored... and i even missed studying~!! hahax~! so right now, ive diverted my study mode to learning a whole new language~! : French

ahahx~!! and honestly.. french is not an easy language to learn.. and the weird thing is.. the first noun ive learnt is car(voiture) but i cant seem to remember that~!! lolx~!! im jz gonna list a few things ive learnt down here in case i ever forget anything and im too lazy to grab the french book.. XD

It's a car: C'est une voiture
Big: Grande/Grand
Small: Petite/Petit
New: Nouvelle/Nouveau
Old: Vielle/Vieux
What is this?: Qu'est-ce que c'est?
I see: Je vois
What do you see: Qu'est-ce que vous voyez?
Highway: autoroute
House: maison
Building: Batiment
Sign: panneau
White: Blanche
Black: noire
Blue: bleue
Red: rouge
Green: verte
Yellow: jaune
Brown: marron

okay.. tat's wat ive learnt so far.. with a few sentences that im kinda lazy to write out.. hahax~!! so im gonna sit here right nw and go on my next french class... later~

Monday, March 8, 2010


its been about 3 months since i blogged... ive tried re-blogging.. but i gt soooo tired of the lousy internet connection... so i kinda ditched the whole post.. hahax~!! well, anyways... here's an update on my life since then...

1. finally went through hsc... finals were nt too bad.. gt an atar of 83.10. was pretty good.. but not good enough to get me into monash...
2. gt accepted into manipal medical university bt is considering aimst to do dentistry.. XD

ok.. from the last point stated above.. its clear why i have started blogging again.. hahax~!! ok... wat do i blog about now... hmmm... i'll jz post this up while i think of sumthing to blog about.. hahax~!!!later~~

Monday, November 9, 2009


here's another 2 of my drawings.. hahahx~! 2 of my fave characters in naruto~~~ presenting, hatake kakashi and uchiha itachi~!!'

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is For You Sis P-Chan~!!!! hahahahx~!!!!

HERE IS YOUR SEXY SAI SIS~!!!!!!! lolx~!!!!!!

at this angle, it looks better.. hahahx~!!!

out of boredom...

lolx~!!! as said before... i have ALOT of time.. lolx~!!! so.. ive been drawing~!!! follow p-chan 1... hahahx~!!! i think she'll laugh her ass off when she sees this.... F3....

lolx~!! thr... laugh......

sum random quiz p-chan gave me.. hahaxh~!!

here's a random quiz p-chan suddenly gave me to do... based on the anime, naruto... hahahx~!!!! here goes~!!

Title: Naruto based Interview

1) fave character?
HATAKE KAKASHI~!!!! lolx~!!

2) Top 3(or more) reason that answers you 1st answer
i. he looks so cool mysterious and AWESOME~~~~
ii. he created the chidori~!!!
iii. he acts so wtv-ish.. hahax~!

3) least fave character

4) Top 3(or more) reason for your answer
i. he's bloody ugly... =.=
ii. he's so evil... blek...
iii. he's just plain creepy... =.=

5) Which of the three sannin is the coolest?
ERO-SENNIN~!!!!!! lolx~!!!!!

6) Give 5 chracter name that come out 1ST in you mind
i. hatake kakashi
ii. uchiha itachi
iii. minato
iv. tobi~!! lolx~!!!
v. hyuuga neji

7) Which (answer for all) Element, summoning , ninja job ,Kekkei GenKai,battle style, hidden village would you choose to be/have ?
Element: Fire
Summoning: wolves... hahax~!!
Ninja job: Missing-nin
Kekkei Genkai: RINNEGAN~!!!!
Battle style: Genjutsu~! lolx~!!
Hidden Village: Sand.. lolx~!!

8) Which is the most sexy character in Naruto?
kakashi~!! lolx~!!

9) Which chracter is the most respectable, and why.
Minato~!!! he is awesomeeeeeeee and sacrificed himself for the village and believed so much in his son~!!!!!! awesome... lolx~!!!

10) Which character history is the saddest( most touching) ?
Kakashi.. omg...obito.. NOOOOOOO~~!!!!! T_T

11) if one of the dead character are revived, which one will you choose?
MINATO~!!!! hahahax~!!!

12) name 5 reason why you watch naruto
i. kakashi, itachi and minato is thr... XD
ii. the storyline is awesome~~~
iii. it makes me laugh like crazy~! hahax~!
iv. it makes me feel like crying.. lolx~!!
v. all their jutsus are reli reli awesome~~~

13) manga or anime, which is better?
anime.. lolx~!!!

Lastly (unrelated to the anime)

14)what do u think of this quiz? :D
it's sumthing p-chan came up with due to boredom of doing add maths.. hahahx~!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


as u all knw, i am so totaly free.. lolx~!! and because of that, i have done sumthing reli stupid~! hahahx~!! let me jz show u yea? XD hahax~!! erm.. it's a video of me taking a video of joe den while i teach him hw to smile.. note that he has NO idea whatsoever that im taking this video.. lolx~!!

have fun~~~~ hahahax~!!! and plz feel free to comment~~~~

Freedom at last~!!! lolx~!!

Finally, the fears, the anxiety, the torture... it's all over... for now.. lolx~!!! ok.. im being a little too subtle...

There we go..^^ nw i have all the time in the world to do reli stupid stuff..^^ for example, i went all the way to school today to meet a few friends and my "nephew"... ^^ all out of boredom of course.. lolx~!! and im trying to learn how to play guitar from the basics.. hahahx~!!! and nw my fingers hurt... =.=... and oh yea.. the best part of it all, i gt to watch all the tv shows and animes ive alway wanted to watch~!!!! here's a list of tv shows and animes im watching nw... hahax~!!!

this drama is SERIOUSLY awesome~!! lolx~!!! the story line is RELI complicated from season 1 to season 5... bt it reli is a must watch.. lolx~!! i mean, for those who like supernatural stuff.. lolx~!! i knw i do~!! ^^ it's mostly about fighting supernatural stuff, bt towards the end, it starts to be a little bit more of angels and demons with lucifer and michael and stuff? lolx~! tat's whr things gt reli interesting...^^

now this is one funny tv show... lolx~! it's practically abt this guy, Ted Mosby hu searches for "love" after his best friend Marshall proposed to his long time girlfriend.. lolx~!! well... even in season 4, he STILL hasnt found her yet.. lolx~!! pretty long winded bt hilarious~!! lolx~! my fave char in the whole story is BARNEY STINSON~!! lolx~!!! watch out for him.. he's the guy in the suit...^^


this tv show... i knw i knw... the title is like.. wth right? lolx~! i mean.. i wudnt watch it at first.. lolx~! bt it's actually really awesome.. hahahx~!!! chuck is this noob guy hu gets this computer thingy stuck in his brain.. lolx~! and he ends up being the noob spy evry1 has to protect.. lolx~! the story is long winded and complicated as well.. bt it has its funny moments.. ahahx~! try watching it... it's awesome...^^


im guessing MOST of u wud knw wat naruto is... if u don't... GO GOOGLE IT UP DAMMIT~!!! lolx~!! it's ranked number 2 on the anime list~! hahahx~!!! altho i wud prefer the first part of naruto, shippuuden is not bad... besides the fact that they're slowly killing evry1~!!! grrrrrr.... lolx~!!! anyways... it's an awesome anime... go check it out...^^ my fave char in the anime, HATAKE KAKASHI~!!!! lolx~!!

That's abt all the shows im watching or am about to watch.. lolx~!! all of it are awesome... hahahx~!!! these are my recommendations... and those of u hu are, like me, so bloody free, check out these tv shows~!! hahahx~!! happy watching~!! ^^

Monday, November 2, 2009

one more subject!!!!

i have sat for 5 papers so far in two n a half weeks... let me recount on all the papers ive sat for and my assumption on how i have done... erhem..

not as tough as i thought it would be, bt stil tough... wasted my time memorizing unwanted quotes that i never had to use again... =.=
overall: kinda ok i guess....

omggg... this one sucked like crazy~!!!! i practically din knw hw to do most of the questions~!!!!
overall: ughhh... dun ask... =.=

ughhhhhhh.... this one.... first 4 questions were quite ok... bt the last 3... oh goddd.... i was starting to wonder y i continued ith extension 1 in the first place.. hahahx~!!!
overall: sucky, sucky and sucky...

hmm.. it can't say its easy and i can't say its tough.. it's a bit of both.. the easy questions were easy and the hard questions were freaking tough... lolx~!! so i cant conclude much about this 1... hopefully i'll score...^^
overall: cant say much but.. HOPING FOR THE BEST~!!

omg~!!!! i feel so bloody stupid when i did this paper~!!! i did so badly in this one~!!!!!! omg~!!!! i hope i can pull through... but then again.. thinking bak on all the mistakes i have done... i dunno hw i did... ughhh... dammit~!!!! i knew the answer but my mind seemed to backfire in the exam hall~!!!!!!!!
overall: i have to refrain from suicide... wun do me any good.. bt... ughhhhh.. this is so frustrating!!!!

yet to be revealed....

well... i guess my overall performance excluding physics practically sucked... especially my chemistry.. omg~!!! i hope i can pull through~!!!! but.. its no use nw feeling bad over it n all... n i have no idea y im typing this dwn... IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING PHYSICS~!!!!
in another 2 days... i'll be home bound... free~!!!!!!!!! the few mnths of freedom i missed after my spm.. lolx~!! man do i have plans... hahahax~!!!
but for now... a little bit more head cracking for physics and then.... i'll be free..~~~~
i'll let future joe vynne deal with the results and the uni applications...^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009


its always been hectic and crazy at INTI college penang this year... bt as it turns out, the last day of college turns out to be the best day in HSC... lolx~!!! bt i think its coz we din study at all.. lolx~!!! alot of pics taken with loads of fun... i dn think any studying was involved coz.. who the hell cares right?? hahahx~!!
it was a day full of fun... bt it was also kinda sad to leave.. in a weird kinda way.. lolx~! let's jz hope our paths cross again... for some, i knw we wudnt see each other... bt there will be weddings and there better be invitations.. lolx~!!! nw get ready for the long list of pics~~~~~~~~ hahahx~!!!

This was the 1st pic taken i think lolx~!! the group of 4 that i have spent most of my time with in college..^^

Kevin and jia~~~

Mervyn and jia~~

I have come to like this pic.. hahahx~! mervyn and kevin~~~

from left: jia, xiang yih, kevin and leonardo?? hahax~!

zheng lik, kevin and wei keen.. lolx~!! admiring kevin's tummy.. 0.o

wayne and merv.. lolx~!! wayne always looks blur.. even in pics...0.o

see what i mean?? lolx~!!!

me and wayne~~~ ^^

grace and jia~~ grace.. another member of the group.. during lunch.. hahahx~!

mervyn and grace~~~

grace and i~~ lolx~!!!

jia and sue lyn~~ lolx~! althought sue wasnt in hsc... she's still a new fren~~ ^^

sue and i~~~ lolx~!

from left: me, chao yang and jia~~ lolx~!!!

kevin and zheng lik... always the life of eng class.. lolx~!!!

haahahx~!!! i like this pic.. although.. i have no idea why zheng lik is crying.. lolx~!!

hahax~!! pic with my ex-kindergarten mate, shu hui~~ lolx~!!! me like this pic~~

from left: mervyn, kevin, jia chuan, jia yi and... me~~ ^^

lolx~! lazy wanna name.. bt this pic is awesome... hahax~!

during maths extension 1, we all wrote our chinese name on the wall.. awesome~~~ try finding my name~ lolx~!!!!

pic with ext1 teacher~~ miss yeap gim ley~~ lolx~!!!!

the 4 of us with teacher~~ lolx~!!!

between kevin and i, JUN YIK~~ lolx~!!!! ex-school mate... badlishans~~ lolx~!

jia and kevin in sushi king~~~ ( bagai pinang dibelah dua...^^)

last pic with miss leela~~~~

last eng class with miss suba~~~

last maths extension 1class with miss yeap~~

last bio class with miss shirley~~~~ weeeee~~~~~~~ lolx~!! all the stupid poses we do~~

finally... the last pic taken of the day~~~ after bio class.. the last few minutes of hsc..

well... that was it for the day... bt oh well... all's well that end's well right? lolx~!! let's jz hope we all do well in our finals... in the meantime.. PEACE OUT~~~~~

Monday, July 13, 2009

long time no blogggg

lolx! this blog has been dead for a very long time... nw.. its time for this blog to rise from the dead... many things have happened in the pass few mnths... some were stupid.. some were funny.. and some.. memorable... im gonna skip the past few chapters of my life in college... and in this blog... im gonna say sumthign about my little bro.. joe den... he reli impressed me a lot this year.. first his english writing competition(happened a few mnths back.. God was it awesome) and nw.. his piano skills... he played this duet thingy with this guy from SP... and i simply loved it... it was filled with the awesome-ness... lolx~! especially the last part... woahhhh.. it was to die for... lolx~!! well.. here it is..

now... wasnt that awesome??? hahax~!! denny boy grow up d....

Sunday, April 5, 2009


GRACIE~!!!! my furry little weeny.... she's.... gt a very horrible, horrible... oh so horrible haircut~!!!!!! i gt home and when she did her normal greeting by jumping all over me, i was like... WTH~!!!!! here are a few pics of her... T_T

My gracie gt shaved~!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!

look hw she looked like before.....

lolx~!!! this one is a funny pic of her b4.... bt i preferred her furry little self... lolx~!!!!

Here are a few random pics of nero and gunther~!!!!!

Nero has become a big boy nw~!!! hahahahx~!!!

I like this picture of gunther... dun ya think he looks like a wee puppy nw??? hahhahax~!!! cute little gunther~!!!!!