Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Mean, mean Family...T_T

Well... i think i need a therapist... my family is a big big big bully~!!! waaaaaa~!!!! it all happened like this:

Me:*feeding fishes happily and innocently*

Joe Anne: *sneaks up behind me and push*


i was in the pond!!!! i was like wth!!!! i cud NOT believe Joe Anne wud do tat~!!! i was petrified~!! stunned!!! COME ON~!!! SPM student here... helloooo.... wat was worse, they did NOT do anything whatsoever to help me out... what do they do?? take pictures and videos?!?!?! what was that for?!?! BLOG MATERIAL??!? 0.O ok.. here are a few pictures and videos of what they took the other day. These pictures and videos are part of he album called, 'Most Embarassing Moments Of My Life"....

Poor me, struggling to find a way out......

I was forced to look at the camera for this lousy pic~!!!


Anonymous said...

think of it as one of the good moments in like that are worth remembering..^^