Tuesday, March 9, 2010


okay.. ive finally found sumthing to blog about.. lolx~! according to the previous blog, ive been super bored... and i even missed studying~!! hahax~! so right now, ive diverted my study mode to learning a whole new language~! : French

ahahx~!! and honestly.. french is not an easy language to learn.. and the weird thing is.. the first noun ive learnt is car(voiture) but i cant seem to remember that~!! lolx~!! im jz gonna list a few things ive learnt down here in case i ever forget anything and im too lazy to grab the french book.. XD

It's a car: C'est une voiture
Big: Grande/Grand
Small: Petite/Petit
New: Nouvelle/Nouveau
Old: Vielle/Vieux
What is this?: Qu'est-ce que c'est?
I see: Je vois
What do you see: Qu'est-ce que vous voyez?
Highway: autoroute
House: maison
Building: Batiment
Sign: panneau
White: Blanche
Black: noire
Blue: bleue
Red: rouge
Green: verte
Yellow: jaune
Brown: marron

okay.. tat's wat ive learnt so far.. with a few sentences that im kinda lazy to write out.. hahax~!! so im gonna sit here right nw and go on my next french class... later~

Monday, March 8, 2010


its been about 3 months since i blogged... ive tried re-blogging.. but i gt soooo tired of the lousy internet connection... so i kinda ditched the whole post.. hahax~!! well, anyways... here's an update on my life since then...

1. finally went through hsc... finals were nt too bad.. gt an atar of 83.10. was pretty good.. but not good enough to get me into monash...
2. gt accepted into manipal medical university bt is considering aimst to do dentistry.. XD

ok.. from the last point stated above.. its clear why i have started blogging again.. hahax~!! ok... wat do i blog about now... hmmm... i'll jz post this up while i think of sumthing to blog about.. hahax~!!!later~~