Tuesday, September 23, 2008


yeaaa~!!!! biggie sis coming home this fri!!!! altho i hav to skip tuitionjz to see her at the airport.. bt.. YAY~!!!!!! ta jie's finally coming home!!!!!! (again)

She's coming home by plane.. so we hav to go to the airport... and i'll b holding up her pic tat says.. 'Looking for this!!!'... hahahahx~!!! ta jie.. watch out 4 ur pic!!! hahahahax~!! n plz dun kill me if ur pic turns out wat u dun expect it to be yea?? hahahahx~!!

waiting for ta jie's return....3 days

oi.. finally....

ahhhh... finally.. at last... i cn taste the freedom!!! wonderful, wonderful freedom... lolx~! trials are finally over and i realize 1 thing:

And to think tat spm is oni like wat?? A MONTH AWAY?!?!?!
say what?? 0.o
ugh... spm totally sucks..
dis is the first time i actually studied 4 an exam.. and i stil suck at it... -_-" is it jz me?? or is the trials like crap??? hmm... considering this and tat and this and that.... yadayadayadayada..... it's jz me... lolx~!! i'll jz hav to see hw i did in this exam.... haiz.... in the meantime... PARTY~!!!!! lolx~!!!
P.S: haiz... veether went d..... sad sad thing... bt on the bright side.... he's coming bak wit a russian lady... haahhax~!! wish u well vee ther...!!!! bring bak sum gorgeous russian lady alrite?? make sure she's shorter than u yea? hahaxh`!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Potter Puppet Pals!!! hahahax~!! hillarious...

hahahx~!! it;s officially an obsession... Potter Puppet Pals is HILLARIOUS!!!!! especially ron!! omg!!! hahahax~!! check it out ya all!!!

hahahahx~!! omg.. i love ron.. he's HILLARIOUS!!!!! hahhahahahax~!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

what you get when u sleep...

well.. let's see.. where do i start?? hmm.. ok...

i was studying in the study room with joe wen and joe den.. lalala... study study study... then.. sumthing really interesting caught my attention.. joe den sleeping.. hehehe=p...

i crept slowly and carefully in front of him and *snap* caught his picture!! lolx~!! the funny thing is... he left a little present 4 the book he was sleeping on.. let me show u sum pics... see if u cn figure out wat it is.. hahax~!!

This is joe den sleeping

Try to guess what's on the paper.. i circled it wit red to make it clearer (hint:It cn digest starch molecules^^)

lolx~!! nw tat's a laugh.. he slept around 3 sumthing and woke up at 5 sumthing.. it really makes me wonder hw he cn be in tat position 4 tat long.. if it was me... woah.. wud get a major cramp when i get up... 0.o

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally....+ Disaster

ugh.. finally my blog layout is changed... phew.... bt... today is as saddening as ever....
my trials... T_T my biology!!!! T_T haiz... i cudnt remember anything!!! stupid, stupid, stupid... let me see.. wat did i forget??

1. Vitamin K and Calcium are needed for blood clotting!!!! acckkk!!!!
2. Insulin is needed to convert... oh god.. i still forgot... insulin, glucagon??? wat??? 0.o
3. Name one denitrifying bacteria!!!!! nitrosomanas??
4. Worst one was, what is the difference between zygote, embryo and foetus!!!!! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!

uggghhh!!!! hw am i supposed to get an A nw?!?!?!?! stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!
Not forgetting my allergies to garlic... Y DIDI I HAVE TO TAKE TAT STUPID PIECE OF GARLIC BREAD YESTERDAY?!?!?!?! i had a real terrible headache after that... oh god... i slept early and din read much... T_T

Long story short, I can sell my soul to the devil, do his bidding and rot in hell.... -_-"
Im soooo flunking my trials... T_T T_T

Friday, September 12, 2008


i cnt seem to change my layout!!!!! wwaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!! somebody help me!!!!! nw my layout looks all nooby... T_T and joe den is nt even here to help me!!!! waaaaa!~!!!!! whr is tat guy when u actually need him?? -_-"

i need a better layout!!!!!! *dies*

Really unexpected...

Well, what do ya knw?? disaster struck... haiz... such luck...

it all started with me chatting on the net when i looked at the time.. 11.23 and parents are not even home yet!!! i started to worry a little... they came back 15 minutes later and my dad stormed in and said, "Children! Come here and this will teach u something. Go look at your mother's car." So i rushed out. My first thought was, "what the heck?? an accident or sumthing??" Boy, was i horribly wrong about tat one...

A robbery of sum kind!!! stupid community of the world... see, my mum was over at my dad's clinic finsihing up some operation they usually do on thursday nite. My mom left her handbag in the front seat of the car... by the time they were done, the window was already smashed up and her handbag was gone!! There goes everything... the whole handbag, money, IC, driver's license?? tat's a whole lotta things to lose!! curse them who did this crime.. and hey.. we have to pay 4 the window too ya knw...-_-".. u cud at least leave a wee bit of money in the seat....

here's a few pics to get the whole pic.. and hey.. here's more info on this thingy... my lil bro's bloggy.. check it out!! nw tat's a pro blogger.. -_-"...

P.S: Check the bat.. ahaks~!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frightening To Small Children!??!?! You have GOT to be kidding me...

okay.. this is sumthing reli, reli weird.. i was browsing through friendster one day and i saw this test and it looked interesting... ao i was thinking.. sure, wat the heck?? and so i took the test tat said, "what's wrong with you"...

it took about like what?? 15 minutes to do it?? and what was my result?!?!?!?!?! ugh.. u knw wat? let me jz show u yea??

What's Wrong With You?
My Result: Frightening to Small Children
What's Wrong With You?
Take This Quiz!
You have problems. Major problems. You won't know till they are till you take this quiz.
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yeaaa.... do i really frighten small children?? more like.. im frightened of them!!!!!

blog... blog.... blog... blog... blog... blog...

Ahhh…. First time blogging… it seems like everyone is starting they’re own blog.. Joe Den, Joe Anne, Chan?? lolx~! is it just me or am i a little outdated here??
Im guessing im outdated… seems to happen when u get older… Missing out on movies.. games… haiz… all coz of??? stoooopid exams.. jz started my trials last sunday, 7th september… and so far?? all the subjects are reli, reli reli reli reli tough.. till nw… my guesses are im flunking on my trials… haiz… let me try to do a summary on the subs tat ive sitten 4 so far..

Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu???): Fail
English: Fail(did a stupid mistake!!!!!)
Pendidikan Moral(worst sub in the world): Fail
Sejarah(2nd most stupid subject on the world): Fail
Chemistry: Fail

well, at least ive gt like what?? a two day break?? then it’s off to the exam hall again… T_T And my positon in the hall is like.. the worst feng shui ever!! far left, far back… T_T nxt week ive gt like what? bio, akauns, add maths, maths… ahhh.. the agony~!!

SAVE ME~!!!!