Monday, July 13, 2009

long time no blogggg

lolx! this blog has been dead for a very long time... nw.. its time for this blog to rise from the dead... many things have happened in the pass few mnths... some were stupid.. some were funny.. and some.. memorable... im gonna skip the past few chapters of my life in college... and in this blog... im gonna say sumthign about my little bro.. joe den... he reli impressed me a lot this year.. first his english writing competition(happened a few mnths back.. God was it awesome) and nw.. his piano skills... he played this duet thingy with this guy from SP... and i simply loved it... it was filled with the awesome-ness... lolx~! especially the last part... woahhhh.. it was to die for... lolx~!! well.. here it is..

now... wasnt that awesome??? hahax~!! denny boy grow up d....