Thursday, September 11, 2008

blog... blog.... blog... blog... blog... blog...

Ahhh…. First time blogging… it seems like everyone is starting they’re own blog.. Joe Den, Joe Anne, Chan?? lolx~! is it just me or am i a little outdated here??
Im guessing im outdated… seems to happen when u get older… Missing out on movies.. games… haiz… all coz of??? stoooopid exams.. jz started my trials last sunday, 7th september… and so far?? all the subjects are reli, reli reli reli reli tough.. till nw… my guesses are im flunking on my trials… haiz… let me try to do a summary on the subs tat ive sitten 4 so far..

Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu???): Fail
English: Fail(did a stupid mistake!!!!!)
Pendidikan Moral(worst sub in the world): Fail
Sejarah(2nd most stupid subject on the world): Fail
Chemistry: Fail

well, at least ive gt like what?? a two day break?? then it’s off to the exam hall again… T_T And my positon in the hall is like.. the worst feng shui ever!! far left, far back… T_T nxt week ive gt like what? bio, akauns, add maths, maths… ahhh.. the agony~!!

SAVE ME~!!!!