Monday, December 22, 2008

Gracie's First Bug..^^

another post about grace.. the super dog... well... evry1 in my family knws that she is a reli big eater and we have never seen her rejecting food before... but we did not knw that she wud be this hungry... her first bug.. and it was a cidada~!! we were watching tv and she suddenly came running in with something in her mouth.. and it was making a weird sound.. when she put it dwn, wat we saw shocked us.. a cidada~!!! and joe anne and i were like.. oooohhh... grace's first bug~!! lolx~!! and we let her play with the bug... bt after that, the noise suddenly stopped... we turned to the back (where grace brought it) and we saw the cidada in pieces, and grace eating half of it~!!! ACKK~!!! SHE ATE THE CIDADA~!!!! oh well... that's grace^^ lolx~!! here is a pic and video of the scene... bt i din get the eating part of it.. oh.. she gave one of the cidada's wings.. and it sill has a part of it's meat still attached to it... ughh... thanks anyway grace? 0.o