Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is Eating A Lot A Skill??

Haiz... i have to hear "Hurry up lar!!!" everytime we go out 4 dinner... i am a really, really slow eater and... i eat very very little... both my bros and my sis... oh.. dun start with my sister... she's like practically the eating queen... she cn eat twohelpings of kfc in one night... hahahx!!! well... i jz dun get it... eating gast and eating a lot.. it seems like im the only one in the family who eats really, realy slowly... there was once, we were in McD's... and they finished i think abt half an hour earlier...(lolx!!) and joe anneactually threatened to leave me alone!!!! i mean... come on!!! i cant eat any faster!!!! so i ended up eating like this:

imagine hw tat wud look in a fancy restaurant or even in mcD's!!! i looked like a total freak... hey.. she counted to 10 and expected me to finish up half a burger!!! no1 will be able to do tat!! well.. except for err.. joe den of course.. bt... lolx!!! this is me we're talking about... ugh... i reli hope i cn eat faster.. bt.. maybe nt as fast as joe den... hahax!!!