Monday, September 15, 2008

what you get when u sleep...

well.. let's see.. where do i start?? hmm.. ok...

i was studying in the study room with joe wen and joe den.. lalala... study study study... then.. sumthing really interesting caught my attention.. joe den sleeping.. hehehe=p...

i crept slowly and carefully in front of him and *snap* caught his picture!! lolx~!! the funny thing is... he left a little present 4 the book he was sleeping on.. let me show u sum pics... see if u cn figure out wat it is.. hahax~!!

This is joe den sleeping

Try to guess what's on the paper.. i circled it wit red to make it clearer (hint:It cn digest starch molecules^^)

lolx~!! nw tat's a laugh.. he slept around 3 sumthing and woke up at 5 sumthing.. it really makes me wonder hw he cn be in tat position 4 tat long.. if it was me... woah.. wud get a major cramp when i get up... 0.o