Monday, January 19, 2009

new puppies~!!! weeeee~!!!

7 new puppies just joined the family on saturday, 17th January 2009. A very memorable day 4 me as well..^^ spent a whole day with my only best friend~!!! hahahx~! best day of my life..^^ hahahx~!! bt there will be more days like this in the future..^^ weee~!! k.. anyways, there were supposed to be 8 puppies, bt one died.. vry unfortunately.. so nw we have 7 puppies... the reli surprising thig ws tat.. till midnight, 7 puppies were born with one dead, tat left 6. so evry1 thought tehre werent going to be anymore... in the morning, they did a head count.. 6 puppies.. bt when i came home tat afternoon, i did a head count and tehre were 7!!! miracle?? lolx~!!! maybe... ive already decided to name one of them oddball... coz he's reli hilarious.. he drinks milk upside dwn.. here are a few pics^^

now.. tat's... hmm... 15 dogs in my hse nw~!!! weeee~!!!


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!!!!!
I cnt wait 2c tem..
another 3days 2goooo...

Joe Den said...

one died??? rily??? I don't tink so 0_o

Peiying said...

15 dogs? WOW
7 new ones, their mum, gracie and...?

Joe Vynne said...

lolx~!! err.. seven pups, mum, gracie, gunther(doberman), nero(german shepherd, ariel(german shepherd. dying any minute.. T_T reli old doggie...), wando(same breed as mum), tanya(mum of the mum..lolx~!! she's a grandma nw~!!) and last bt nt least, flora~!!(malinois, jz gt her a few days ago~~)
btw, one died joe den... there were actually 8 pups altogether.. then one more dunno pop out 4rom whr 1... lolx~!!