Friday, January 23, 2009

ahhh.. chinese new year at last...

it's the first college holiday im going thru nw.. no.. wait... nt yt.. ive stil gt moral studies 2mrw~!!ugh~!!!!! y on a saturday?!?!!?! oh well, at least i gt to go back 2mrw... hmm.. the first three weeks of college.. hahax~!! well, from a lot of advice from my sis and my bro's fren, peiying... i did get to knw a few ppl... and right nw, i usually hang out with 2 other ppl.. hahax~!!! they are...

1. Leong Jia Yi


2. Bernard Goh..(best not mention his chinese name.. lolx~!!)

met these two rascals during the first week.. and we sorta, kinda gt along.. and we finally ended up having almost all the same classes and having lunch together.. weee~!! hahahx~!!! here are some pics... im nt in them coz... im the one taking the pic~ hahax~!!and im NOT photogenic... lolx~!!! so, here they are...~!!

Bernard and his choco milshake... it was SOOOOO thick that it was... *GULP* hard to swallow and it ended up looking like blended shit...!!! 0.o hahahax~!! he din finish it... lolx~!!

During English lecture.. BREAK TIME~!! there.. nw all of us has seen bernard's smile... hahahax~!!!

Erm... this was when bernard was away getting his sh... i mean chocolate milkshake.. and i 'stole' his camera and took a pic of jia yi~!! hi jia~!!! hahahx~!! happy eating~~

lunch time~~~ jiayi is at the far end.. hi jia yi~! n bernard.. left corner.. hi bernard~!! *waves* see hw thick the milkshake is?? it just wudnt go dwn the straw~!!!! hahahx~!!!

well... tat's about it... hahahx~!! usually in college, the most hillarious time wud b during lunch time.. see hw evry1's laughing? ahahx~!! bt after that we'll be all emo.. class start d... bt then, there are certain circumstances where we still laugh in class... hahahx~!! I quote, "PLATELETS~!!!" [Quote: Bernard].. dun wanna get sued under plagiarism... then we all go home, except on mondays and tuesdays when both of them have malaysian studies... hahax~! oh well... college is not that bad after all eh... hahax~!!


Peiying said...

hehe. Glad you're starting to enjoy yourself now. =D

MarcusDS said...

joe vynne..hahaha..u knw wad im gonna one is in lovey dovey..kakakaka

Joe Vynne said...

hahax~!! thx peiying..^^ it's all thx to u reli... hahahahx~!! and as for marcus... IM GONNA KILL YOU~!!!!! lolx~!!^^