Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY Dinner~~!! yay~!!!

it's dinner time during cny.. meaning, we have to stuf ourselves with food... making us fat... bt we had fun thruout the dinner.. pretty cool actually.. hahahx~!!! after the dinner we did sum pretty bizarre stuf... hahahx~!!! i bet it freaked the hell outta our cousins who are the reli unwild type of ppl.. hahahx~!!! here's a glimpse of what happened tat nite...

The first picture taken... lolx~!! joe den and i.. looks like joe den's getting ready to chow down...

alvin(cousin) and joe den... and joe den has taken off chowing down..~!!

Joe wen and joe anne.. lolx!!! 'X' for.. err.. X??

Lolx~!!! I have no idea wat it is with my family and chopsticks~!!!

Wine... uggghhh~!!! trust me, i din drink it... it even SMELT like rotten grapes... *vomits*

Joe Wen with... an orange in his mouth????? 0.o

lolx~!! joe anne trying to put the orange in, bt failing.. badly...

WALRUS~!!! lolx~!!

my twin cousins, vivian and michelle~~~

Joe Den acting natural...(his gay side) hahahx~!!

Joe Den = son
Joe Anne = mom
sign says, 'Caution! Children are advised agaist sitting/standing on the sea wall without adult supervision'

And look what happens.... hahahhx~!!!

This is my fave photo of all the pictures during cny... haahahx~!! notice the vast difference between the two families?
Them = Decent, polite, sophisticated
Us = Crazy, Wild, Barbaric

lolx~!!! all 8 of us... prety nice picture..^^ me like the cannon~~~ yay~!!!

yay~!!! cannons~!!! Joe Anne and i...~!!

My second fave picture...^^ nt barbaric, bt nice.. dun ya think? hahax~!

err... hhahahx~!! this is a picture of two guys pissing, and joe den. what?!?!? stop it~!!! joe wen~!! cover up~!!!!

errr... hahahahx~!! i told u we were barbaric, wild and crazy.... hahahahx~!!

That's abt it 4 that night.. hahahx~!!! it was crazy, bt had LOADS of food... i think it was the food that triggered the wild side of us.. hahahx~!! i mean.. raw abalone?????? yup.. definitely the food... hehehe=p... this year, cny is probably the best of the 16 years ive been celebrating... i even went to my best friends grandma's hse... lolx~!!!! and i found out loads of things which happens to be a coincidence, or just fate?? lolx~!! oh well.. cny is coming to an end... till nxt time... angpau's.... we'll see each other again nxt year.. ja ne~!