Saturday, November 7, 2009

sum random quiz p-chan gave me.. hahaxh~!!

here's a random quiz p-chan suddenly gave me to do... based on the anime, naruto... hahahx~!!!! here goes~!!

Title: Naruto based Interview

1) fave character?
HATAKE KAKASHI~!!!! lolx~!!

2) Top 3(or more) reason that answers you 1st answer
i. he looks so cool mysterious and AWESOME~~~~
ii. he created the chidori~!!!
iii. he acts so wtv-ish.. hahax~!

3) least fave character

4) Top 3(or more) reason for your answer
i. he's bloody ugly... =.=
ii. he's so evil... blek...
iii. he's just plain creepy... =.=

5) Which of the three sannin is the coolest?
ERO-SENNIN~!!!!!! lolx~!!!!!

6) Give 5 chracter name that come out 1ST in you mind
i. hatake kakashi
ii. uchiha itachi
iii. minato
iv. tobi~!! lolx~!!!
v. hyuuga neji

7) Which (answer for all) Element, summoning , ninja job ,Kekkei GenKai,battle style, hidden village would you choose to be/have ?
Element: Fire
Summoning: wolves... hahax~!!
Ninja job: Missing-nin
Kekkei Genkai: RINNEGAN~!!!!
Battle style: Genjutsu~! lolx~!!
Hidden Village: Sand.. lolx~!!

8) Which is the most sexy character in Naruto?
kakashi~!! lolx~!!

9) Which chracter is the most respectable, and why.
Minato~!!! he is awesomeeeeeeee and sacrificed himself for the village and believed so much in his son~!!!!!! awesome... lolx~!!!

10) Which character history is the saddest( most touching) ?
Kakashi.. omg...obito.. NOOOOOOO~~!!!!! T_T

11) if one of the dead character are revived, which one will you choose?
MINATO~!!!! hahahax~!!!

12) name 5 reason why you watch naruto
i. kakashi, itachi and minato is thr... XD
ii. the storyline is awesome~~~
iii. it makes me laugh like crazy~! hahax~!
iv. it makes me feel like crying.. lolx~!!
v. all their jutsus are reli reli awesome~~~

13) manga or anime, which is better?
anime.. lolx~!!!

Lastly (unrelated to the anime)

14)what do u think of this quiz? :D
it's sumthing p-chan came up with due to boredom of doing add maths.. hahahx~!!