Monday, November 2, 2009

one more subject!!!!

i have sat for 5 papers so far in two n a half weeks... let me recount on all the papers ive sat for and my assumption on how i have done... erhem..

not as tough as i thought it would be, bt stil tough... wasted my time memorizing unwanted quotes that i never had to use again... =.=
overall: kinda ok i guess....

omggg... this one sucked like crazy~!!!! i practically din knw hw to do most of the questions~!!!!
overall: ughhh... dun ask... =.=

ughhhhhhh.... this one.... first 4 questions were quite ok... bt the last 3... oh goddd.... i was starting to wonder y i continued ith extension 1 in the first place.. hahahx~!!!
overall: sucky, sucky and sucky...

hmm.. it can't say its easy and i can't say its tough.. it's a bit of both.. the easy questions were easy and the hard questions were freaking tough... lolx~!! so i cant conclude much about this 1... hopefully i'll score...^^
overall: cant say much but.. HOPING FOR THE BEST~!!

omg~!!!! i feel so bloody stupid when i did this paper~!!! i did so badly in this one~!!!!!! omg~!!!! i hope i can pull through... but then again.. thinking bak on all the mistakes i have done... i dunno hw i did... ughhh... dammit~!!!! i knew the answer but my mind seemed to backfire in the exam hall~!!!!!!!!
overall: i have to refrain from suicide... wun do me any good.. bt... ughhhhh.. this is so frustrating!!!!

yet to be revealed....

well... i guess my overall performance excluding physics practically sucked... especially my chemistry.. omg~!!! i hope i can pull through~!!!! but.. its no use nw feeling bad over it n all... n i have no idea y im typing this dwn... IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING PHYSICS~!!!!
in another 2 days... i'll be home bound... free~!!!!!!!!! the few mnths of freedom i missed after my spm.. lolx~!! man do i have plans... hahahax~!!!
but for now... a little bit more head cracking for physics and then.... i'll be free..~~~~
i'll let future joe vynne deal with the results and the uni applications...^^