Friday, March 13, 2009

SPM results~~~

The SPM slip.... ahhh~!!!!!

Hey hey.... SPM results were yesterday and i was too busy celebrating with teachers and friends and finishing up my reports as well to blog about it..~!! hahahx~!!! these past few days have been hectic and busy... so this is going to be a 2 in 1 blog report~!!! first, is about my spm results, and second, is about the stupidest day of my life....
okay... spm results... oh well... i WAS soooooo nervous about getting my results on the 12th of march 2009.. i couldnt sleep well the night before, but due to the exhaustion of college, i finally slept an hour after i hit the pillow.. hahahx~! i went to school at abt 9 coz i needed to get my heroes episodes from my friend~!!! hahax~! and so i waited till 10. By then, almost everyone was there. I met up with a few people, old friends who were still IN school, AND out of school... was pretty fun seeing them again.... and when the time came, the teachers posted up a mahjong paper on the wall indicating who gt straight A's... due to my height, i cudnt see well, and my fren was all 'joe vynne, ur name not there'.... i was crushed weii~!!! i started thinking, die lar... sure gt 4 b's or sumthing... so i hurried to my form teacher adn waited for him to hand me my spm slip... GOD was i nervous.... and the teacher REALLY took his own sweet time.. my heart was racing.. when i held the script, i saw my results... because it was broad daylight and being traumatized, it was my blur time. i saw all the 'SATU''s as 'TIGA's... i was like... FISH~!!! then i looked again and there was tat sigh of relief.... PHEWWWWWWW..... wasnt as bad as i thought it was... 5 1A's, 5 2A"s and 1 B3.... oh well... wasnt reli good in add maths anyway.. hahahx~! bt, im still not satisfied with it... so this year.... HSC is what i am aiming for.. hehehehe=p

k, second post... the stupidest day of my life.. it was abt a week or so... i dun remember the date coz i DUN wanna remember it.. it all happened like this.. It was one fine day when my extension 1 lecturer told us that we din have class the next day.. Jia and i were overjoyed that classes starts at 10 if we din have extension 1 class. Bt, i had to go at 8, otherwise i couldnt get a parking space. So, i woke up at 7.30 and started to get ready... I gt ready and grabbed my bag, file and jacket as i walked outside... I locked the doorknob and started to close the door. As i was doing that, i thought,'did i bring along my keys?' and SLAM~!!! i locked the door... SHYT~!!! MY KEYS~!!!! THEY WERE STILL IN THERE~!!!! i YANKED the doorknob... i stared at the padlocked gate and back at the locked door then back at the padlocked gate again. i was officially trapped. i panicked~!!! i called my mum and she jz woke up. she said,'walk to school lar~!' and i was all, if i wanted to walk to school oso cannot lar~!!!! only THEN did she realize the situation i was in. I gt a niceeeeee scolding after tat.. after eveyrthing, she told me my grandfather was coming over. in an hours time.. thank GOD there was no class tat day~!!! otherwise, i wudve missed a class.. and it wud be TOTALLY embarassing~!!!! i waited for one and a half hours btw... i sat there with my bio lecture notes.. bt WHO COULD READ IN SUCH A SITUATION?!?!!

My prison for an hour and a half...

oh well, there you go... my stupidest day ever.. haiz.. i NEVER wanna experience tat ever again ~!!!


Fyra said...

Gratz~!!!!!!!*shouted myself hoarse*
Knew u'd ace it ^^

So wats HSC? *blurr*

Leon said...

lolx....FISH!~....U locked yourself in!!...ROFLMAO!!

Joe Vynne said...

erm.. HSC is an abbreviation for 'Higher School Certificate'.. both my bro and sis took it.. and nw im trying to ace it.. hahax~!! it's the course im doing nw..
Leon~!!! u gt blog???? hahahahahx~!!!!!!