Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bloody physics~~~~~

physics is such a stupid boring subject dun u think?? (salutes isaac newton, albert einstein and stephen hawkins) especially when u hav to do reports... MY GOD DUN THEY JUST MURDER YOU~~~~ and ur lecturer never tells u a thing~~~~ see, my friends and i were doing the report... gravitational accelaration... pendulum thingy... yea.. anyway, we were supposed to be doing the graph and error bars.. what we did not knw was tat we din hav to draw the bloody maximum and minimum line... we took abt 1 and a half hours drawing the lines... then... came along another friend who has already done it and told us we din hav to draw it..
-_-'''''''''''' SWT~~~~!!!!!!!!!! WE TOOK SOOOOOO DAM LONG TO DRAW TAT~!!!!!!

and so.... we had to erase a once beautiful graph...T_T
Shouldnt it be the other way round??????? all my hardwork... my time.. my effort... GAAAAHHHH~~~~~


Peiying said...

dont you have ur brother's one to refer?
i referred to my sis's one last time.

Fyra said...

As mentioned, usually u cud get all of ur senior's work to refer on to do any of ur assignments. It pays. While u arr at it grab d past year's questions too.
But heart went out for u *pats pats*

Joe Vynne said...

joe wen threw away all his reports.. dunno whr is it all..joe anne's one oso i cudnt find... and yea... dun hav any1 to refer to... waaaaaa~~~~
and then the reports all nt the same... T_T
the worse part was tat i passed it up today, and it turns out that we DID have to draw the maximum and minimum lines... GAAAAHHHH~~~!!!! then we had no time, so we had to do with the wrong one.... my 2nd physic report...~~~~~~ T_T *depressed*

oh, btw thanks for ur concern... ^^

Fyra said...

Murder dat frd who says no need to draw d max, min lines I'd say. *solemn*
Go you! I wont tell d police, Promise . *crosses fingers*