Tuesday, March 9, 2010


okay.. ive finally found sumthing to blog about.. lolx~! according to the previous blog, ive been super bored... and i even missed studying~!! hahax~! so right now, ive diverted my study mode to learning a whole new language~! : French

ahahx~!! and honestly.. french is not an easy language to learn.. and the weird thing is.. the first noun ive learnt is car(voiture) but i cant seem to remember that~!! lolx~!! im jz gonna list a few things ive learnt down here in case i ever forget anything and im too lazy to grab the french book.. XD

It's a car: C'est une voiture
Big: Grande/Grand
Small: Petite/Petit
New: Nouvelle/Nouveau
Old: Vielle/Vieux
What is this?: Qu'est-ce que c'est?
I see: Je vois
What do you see: Qu'est-ce que vous voyez?
Highway: autoroute
House: maison
Building: Batiment
Sign: panneau
White: Blanche
Black: noire
Blue: bleue
Red: rouge
Green: verte
Yellow: jaune
Brown: marron

okay.. tat's wat ive learnt so far.. with a few sentences that im kinda lazy to write out.. hahax~!! so im gonna sit here right nw and go on my next french class... later~