Monday, November 9, 2009


here's another 2 of my drawings.. hahahx~! 2 of my fave characters in naruto~~~ presenting, hatake kakashi and uchiha itachi~!!'

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is For You Sis P-Chan~!!!! hahahahx~!!!!

HERE IS YOUR SEXY SAI SIS~!!!!!!! lolx~!!!!!!

at this angle, it looks better.. hahahx~!!!

out of boredom...

lolx~!!! as said before... i have ALOT of time.. lolx~!!! so.. ive been drawing~!!! follow p-chan 1... hahahx~!!! i think she'll laugh her ass off when she sees this.... F3....

lolx~!! thr... laugh......

sum random quiz p-chan gave me.. hahaxh~!!

here's a random quiz p-chan suddenly gave me to do... based on the anime, naruto... hahahx~!!!! here goes~!!

Title: Naruto based Interview

1) fave character?
HATAKE KAKASHI~!!!! lolx~!!

2) Top 3(or more) reason that answers you 1st answer
i. he looks so cool mysterious and AWESOME~~~~
ii. he created the chidori~!!!
iii. he acts so wtv-ish.. hahax~!

3) least fave character

4) Top 3(or more) reason for your answer
i. he's bloody ugly... =.=
ii. he's so evil... blek...
iii. he's just plain creepy... =.=

5) Which of the three sannin is the coolest?
ERO-SENNIN~!!!!!! lolx~!!!!!

6) Give 5 chracter name that come out 1ST in you mind
i. hatake kakashi
ii. uchiha itachi
iii. minato
iv. tobi~!! lolx~!!!
v. hyuuga neji

7) Which (answer for all) Element, summoning , ninja job ,Kekkei GenKai,battle style, hidden village would you choose to be/have ?
Element: Fire
Summoning: wolves... hahax~!!
Ninja job: Missing-nin
Kekkei Genkai: RINNEGAN~!!!!
Battle style: Genjutsu~! lolx~!!
Hidden Village: Sand.. lolx~!!

8) Which is the most sexy character in Naruto?
kakashi~!! lolx~!!

9) Which chracter is the most respectable, and why.
Minato~!!! he is awesomeeeeeeee and sacrificed himself for the village and believed so much in his son~!!!!!! awesome... lolx~!!!

10) Which character history is the saddest( most touching) ?
Kakashi.. omg...obito.. NOOOOOOO~~!!!!! T_T

11) if one of the dead character are revived, which one will you choose?
MINATO~!!!! hahahax~!!!

12) name 5 reason why you watch naruto
i. kakashi, itachi and minato is thr... XD
ii. the storyline is awesome~~~
iii. it makes me laugh like crazy~! hahax~!
iv. it makes me feel like crying.. lolx~!!
v. all their jutsus are reli reli awesome~~~

13) manga or anime, which is better?
anime.. lolx~!!!

Lastly (unrelated to the anime)

14)what do u think of this quiz? :D
it's sumthing p-chan came up with due to boredom of doing add maths.. hahahx~!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


as u all knw, i am so totaly free.. lolx~!! and because of that, i have done sumthing reli stupid~! hahahx~!! let me jz show u yea? XD hahax~!! erm.. it's a video of me taking a video of joe den while i teach him hw to smile.. note that he has NO idea whatsoever that im taking this video.. lolx~!!

have fun~~~~ hahahax~!!! and plz feel free to comment~~~~

Freedom at last~!!! lolx~!!

Finally, the fears, the anxiety, the torture... it's all over... for now.. lolx~!!! ok.. im being a little too subtle...

There we go..^^ nw i have all the time in the world to do reli stupid stuff..^^ for example, i went all the way to school today to meet a few friends and my "nephew"... ^^ all out of boredom of course.. lolx~!! and im trying to learn how to play guitar from the basics.. hahahx~!!! and nw my fingers hurt... =.=... and oh yea.. the best part of it all, i gt to watch all the tv shows and animes ive alway wanted to watch~!!!! here's a list of tv shows and animes im watching nw... hahax~!!!

this drama is SERIOUSLY awesome~!! lolx~!!! the story line is RELI complicated from season 1 to season 5... bt it reli is a must watch.. lolx~!! i mean, for those who like supernatural stuff.. lolx~!! i knw i do~!! ^^ it's mostly about fighting supernatural stuff, bt towards the end, it starts to be a little bit more of angels and demons with lucifer and michael and stuff? lolx~! tat's whr things gt reli interesting...^^

now this is one funny tv show... lolx~! it's practically abt this guy, Ted Mosby hu searches for "love" after his best friend Marshall proposed to his long time girlfriend.. lolx~!! well... even in season 4, he STILL hasnt found her yet.. lolx~!! pretty long winded bt hilarious~!! lolx~! my fave char in the whole story is BARNEY STINSON~!! lolx~!!! watch out for him.. he's the guy in the suit...^^


this tv show... i knw i knw... the title is like.. wth right? lolx~! i mean.. i wudnt watch it at first.. lolx~! bt it's actually really awesome.. hahahx~!!! chuck is this noob guy hu gets this computer thingy stuck in his brain.. lolx~! and he ends up being the noob spy evry1 has to protect.. lolx~! the story is long winded and complicated as well.. bt it has its funny moments.. ahahx~! try watching it... it's awesome...^^


im guessing MOST of u wud knw wat naruto is... if u don't... GO GOOGLE IT UP DAMMIT~!!! lolx~!! it's ranked number 2 on the anime list~! hahahx~!!! altho i wud prefer the first part of naruto, shippuuden is not bad... besides the fact that they're slowly killing evry1~!!! grrrrrr.... lolx~!!! anyways... it's an awesome anime... go check it out...^^ my fave char in the anime, HATAKE KAKASHI~!!!! lolx~!!

That's abt all the shows im watching or am about to watch.. lolx~!! all of it are awesome... hahahx~!!! these are my recommendations... and those of u hu are, like me, so bloody free, check out these tv shows~!! hahahx~!! happy watching~!! ^^

Monday, November 2, 2009

one more subject!!!!

i have sat for 5 papers so far in two n a half weeks... let me recount on all the papers ive sat for and my assumption on how i have done... erhem..

not as tough as i thought it would be, bt stil tough... wasted my time memorizing unwanted quotes that i never had to use again... =.=
overall: kinda ok i guess....

omggg... this one sucked like crazy~!!!! i practically din knw hw to do most of the questions~!!!!
overall: ughhh... dun ask... =.=

ughhhhhhh.... this one.... first 4 questions were quite ok... bt the last 3... oh goddd.... i was starting to wonder y i continued ith extension 1 in the first place.. hahahx~!!!
overall: sucky, sucky and sucky...

hmm.. it can't say its easy and i can't say its tough.. it's a bit of both.. the easy questions were easy and the hard questions were freaking tough... lolx~!! so i cant conclude much about this 1... hopefully i'll score...^^
overall: cant say much but.. HOPING FOR THE BEST~!!

omg~!!!! i feel so bloody stupid when i did this paper~!!! i did so badly in this one~!!!!!! omg~!!!! i hope i can pull through... but then again.. thinking bak on all the mistakes i have done... i dunno hw i did... ughhh... dammit~!!!! i knew the answer but my mind seemed to backfire in the exam hall~!!!!!!!!
overall: i have to refrain from suicide... wun do me any good.. bt... ughhhhh.. this is so frustrating!!!!

yet to be revealed....

well... i guess my overall performance excluding physics practically sucked... especially my chemistry.. omg~!!! i hope i can pull through~!!!! but.. its no use nw feeling bad over it n all... n i have no idea y im typing this dwn... IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING PHYSICS~!!!!
in another 2 days... i'll be home bound... free~!!!!!!!!! the few mnths of freedom i missed after my spm.. lolx~!! man do i have plans... hahahax~!!!
but for now... a little bit more head cracking for physics and then.... i'll be free..~~~~
i'll let future joe vynne deal with the results and the uni applications...^^