Monday, February 2, 2009

a day at the beach.. lolx~!!!

ahh.. today is the first day of college after cny.. and.. class finishes at 2.. so bernard and jia yi decided tat they shud take me to the beach one day... so... off we went at 2.. hahahx~!! of all times to go.. we went in the afternoon... lolx~!! it was freaking hot~!!!! bt they had this shady place.. and this reli long log.. hahax~!! jia managed to make my face and my shirt out of sand and.. rafia string?? 0.o bt failing... reli badly.. hahahx~!! bernard brought his guitar too~~~ and he played 'love story'~!!! yay~!!!! my fave song~~~ had quite a fun time... bt they had classes at 4.. so... RUSH BACK TO COLLEGE~!!! nad dam it.. there was a jam~!! so we had to take the looong way... i think they were late.. my bad guys~!! im soo soo sry.. lolx~!! shudnt hav went.. well, tat was a day at the beach..ermm.. mor elike a half hour at the beach.. hahaxh~!!! thx guys^^

We shud reli do this again sum time.. hahax~!!


Bernard said...

My feet were buried! :O :O

Joe Vynne said...

lolx~!! it was meant to be buried.. and there were mini durian faces on ur buried feet...^^ ahahahx~!!