Saturday, January 24, 2009

My ah pek bro... lolx~!!

well, as my family knws, my elder brother, Joe Wen has a reli reli weird fashion sense.. he wears the same shirt like..almost evrywhr~!!! and i mean everywhr.. 0.o so anyways, we went out to pacific and then to jusco on saturday, (yesterday). and he was wearing this weird australian shirt with kangaroos on it.. and so, we were walking, and walking and walking.. finding joe den's new year t-shirt when sumthing caught our eye... take a look at this.. hahahhx~!!!

Now isnt tat ironic... hahahx~!!! kangaroo, kangaroo, kangaroo and more kangaroos~!!! yay~!!!!


Peiying said...

HAHA. I haven't seen that shirt before. lol.

JoeWen said...

NOOOO!!!! NOT 4 the public's eyes 2 see .... NooooOOo... LOL
And btw, for peiying that's suppose 2 be my house shirt that i rarely wear out, but that day,.. i was in a chin chai mood??.. lol

Peiying said...

i'm like that sometimes too.
very cin cai.